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Portion Control

Posted on Feb 01, 2020


 Miss Kitty needs a little help with portion control to achieve her New Year's weight loss resolution.  Rosco enjoyed a bowl of prescription dog food that Tucker couldn't get to fast enough.   Sound familiar?  Feeding time can be complicated especially with multiple pets and different diets and owners that can be too generous when filling a food bowl.
     Technology may have a solution to at least some of the feeding issues that frustrate owners and keep pets from eating a specific, prescribed diet almost every day.   The solution could be a feeding system that dispenses food at pre-determined times and amounts while restricting housemate’s access to that meal.  Pet food feeding enters the digital age with the PortionPro Automatic Feeder.
     The Portion Pro ( is a sophisticated feeding system that accomplishes this by incorporating a food hopper with an intelligent electronic system to measure food and time meals. To access the kibble at mealtime, a sliding door that covers the food bowl opens when a pet with a special collar activates it by coming near it.  Additionally, extra collars can be worn by housemates that will close the same sliding door when they attempt to steal a meal.  The manufacturer touts features that make it toddler proof, easy to clean and constructed with pet safe, durable materials.  While the PortionPro solves many of the problems we encounter in feeding our pets, it does come at a cost of $165 and up depending on where it’s purchased and number of collars that are needed.  Lastly, it won't help those pets on canned food or help to administer medications.
     Discuss this and other ways to help your pets stay healthy and achieve their dietary goals with your veterinarian!


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