Don't Litter!

Paper Trained
Scott Sandeman, D.V.M.
Fixed by five sounds like something you want to hear from your neighborhood car mechanic when your transmission goes out.  For veterinarians and cat owners, this catch phrase refers to new recommendations to have all cats-male and female-neutered or spayed by 5 months of age.
This science driven directive has been endorsed by almost every major veterinary group including the American Veterinary Medicine Association and American Association of Feline Practioners.  Why?  Here are some key points to for pet lovers to consider:
 Evidence has shown that spaying kittens before their first heat cycle decreases the risk of breast cancer, reproductive emergencies like uterine infections and some behavioral problems.
There are no studies to suggest long term complications in spaying or neutering cats as young as 6 weeks of age.
Most importantly-early age sterilization has the potential to reduce the overwhelming incidence of unplanned/unwanted litters.  ( Some cats may become pregnant as early as 4 months of age!)
Having major veterinary organizations confirm the science and benefits to early age sterilization of cats has the potential to decrease the burden on overwhelmed shelters and humane societies- those caring individuals that have to deal with the overpopulation created by less responsible pet owners .   For some veterinarians and owners alike, this recommendation may take some time to become commonplace but the message is clear, early age surgery saves lives!

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