It's Just Plain Hot Out!

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Scott Sandeman, D.V.M.
The danger of leaving a child or a pet in an unattended car should be obvious to us all as summer temperatures climb into the 80’s and 90’s.  Unfortunately it’s not necessary for these extreme temperatures to arrive to pose a threat that can be life threatening.  Here are some examples that demonstrate that even relatively comfortable days can cause a rapid and deadly heat rise inside of a car or truck.
Temp Outside                         Temp inside a Vehicle
        70 degrees                                   104 degrees
        75 degrees                                    109 degrees
        80 degrees                                    114 degrees
        85 degrees                                    119 degrees
        90 degrees                                    124 degrees
        95 degrees                                     129 degrees
Now is a good time to develop some habits that can ensure safety for all passengers even on days when oppressive heat is not apparent.  
Simply not traveling with kids and pets isn’t always possible but if it’s unnecessary to have additional riders along, leave them home.  If you find your pet or child must accompany you , leave your cell phone or purse in the back seat to remind you of your precious cargo should you have to leave the car-make this happen EVERY day whether you have other occupants or not.  Try to use drive-thru options at the bank and other businesses that offer that option.  Develop a habit of opening the back door or hatch of your car EVERY time you arrive at a destination to reaffirm that you don’t have a rider.  This last tip can also ensure that someone or some pet didn’t slip into your car without your knowledge.
As warmer weather becomes the norm, take some time to make a plan that ensures that any ‘silent’ passengers you have along for the ride arrive just as safe as you do.  

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